‘Lil Miss Pioneer Day 2014

CAMY BARSH, daughter of Brandon & Candice Barsh of Aquilla 7 Yrs. old

Miss Pioneer Day 2014

KENDRA RAMSEY, daughter of Kenny & Kadra Ramsey of Whitney 17 yrs. old

Jr. Miss Pioneer Day 2014

KAYLIN HOOTEN, daughter of Chad & Kristen Hooten of Whitney 12 yrs. old

‘Lil Miss category: 4th. runner up Ariana Marie Espino, daughter of Sam & Angela Espino of Whitney, 3rd. runner up Dani Watson, daughter of Phillip & Janyce Watson of Whitney, 2nd. runner up Melissa Lackey,
daughter of Doug & Jennifer Lackey, 1sst. runner up Kyla Sneed, daughter of Jason & Kara Sneed of Whitney.

Jr. Miss category: 4th. runner up Alyssa Prosser, daughter of Amanda Schroeder of Whitney, 3rd. runner up Cailea Renee Boman, daughter of Dennis & Joni Boman of Abbott, 2nd. runner up Iasya Saif, daughter of Ralph & Kimberly Medina of Whitney, 1st. runner up Jordyn Barsh, daughter of Brandon & Candice Barsh of Aquilla.

Miss Category: 3rd. runner up Lainie Ranae Copeland, daughter of Donald & Kathy Copeland of Whitney,2nd. runner up Sarah Davis, daughter of Lisa Taylor and John Davis of Whitney, 1st. runner up Jessica Watson,
daughter of Phillip & Janyce Watson of Whitney.

A large crowd gathered at Lake Whitney Arts Association, 7pm Sat. August 9th., as the pageant had to be moved at the last minute due to no AC at the Whitney Middle School Auditorium. Past 2013 Miss Pioneer Day Hanna Stewart crowned the Miss and Jr. Miss winners, the 2013 Jr. Miss Pioneer Day Elizabeth Sanders was ill and couldn’t attend, and the 2013
‘Lil Miss Pioneer Day Jacy Leanne Daniel crowned the new ‘Lil Miss winner.