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The Best Rates in Town $$$$$

Top Notch aggressively monitors its costs of corporate overhead, insurance, unemployment rates, and other expenses to maintain an optimum level of costs at all times.

The result?  TOP NOTCH can outgun its competitors time and again when it comes to pricing.   We can BEAT any legitimate competitor’s quote.    If you are using another service, you are paying TOO MUCH.

Outstanding Client Service

Top Notch is staffed by friendly, competent employment professionals who have the expertise to match our workforce to your company’s needs and expectations.  We can take away the stress of dealing with day to day personnel management.   Your job order is always given prompt attention and filled as quickly as possible.  Our company wide policy is that nobody goes home for the day until every job order has been staffed.

Stress Relief 101

The daily management of personnel is a tedious task to say the least. Consider all of the following which we take care of for you as part of our service.

  • Recruiting, Advertising, Payroll, Insurance Claims, Timesheets
  • Safety Equipment, Drug Screening, Payroll Taxes
  • Background checks, Dexterity tests, Exit Counseling
  • Timely, Accurate Payroll

As the employer, Top Notch assumes all of the responsibility for personnel administration. These responsibilities include the withholding of taxes, payment of wages, employer contributions for FICA, Federal and State Unemployment taxes, and providing insurance for occupational injuries and general liability.

Top Notch’s president and CEO is a certified public accountant licensed by the State of Texas since 1986.  We ensure that all employee time is approved by you or your company’s representative before we run payroll and billing. We then verify the time calculation for accuracy and process payroll with our state of the art payroll software.  For larger employers we will hand deliver checks to your worksite if you request it.    We go out of our way to make sure our employees get their pay on time. (Once during an ice storm the couriers quit running, so we delivered paychecks in a four wheel drive pickup.)

Occupational Accident & General Liability Insurance

Top Notch carries Occupational Accident Insurance Coverage through a nationally recognized, financially strong carrier who has been in business for over 80 years and who is rated B+ by A.M. Best.  We have had excellent claims handling through this carrier for the last several years, enabling us to achieve excellent rates which we pass on to you, our customers, through reduced prices.

Top Notch carries General Liability Insurance Coverage through a nationally recognized, financially strong carrier who has been in business since the 1880s and is rated A++ by A.M. Best.

Certificates of Insurance are provided to our customers on an annual basis or as requested.

Special Reporting to Meet Your Needs

With our state of the art payroll software we are able to generate a wide variety of reports to meet the special reporting needs of our clients.  All you have to do is ask.  We can build almost any kind of data report you need.

No More Unemployment Worries – We Save You $$$

Most businesses are cyclical or seasonal in nature.  When you lay off workers during off-peak operations this can potentially devastate  your unemployment rating and rates.  Using Top Notch eliminates this problem for you.  When an assignment ends for our workers, and they check back in with our office the next day for work, we will typically find them another assignment quickly, rather than them being unemployed.   Top Notch saves you time, trouble, and money when it comes to unemployment liability.

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Tammy McCoy
Branch Manager